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Excellent Quality
Stable supply of high quality, enough content, all products have been ISO quality certification, product quality is fully in line with the national standards issued by the strict inspection of the third party inspection department before factory.
Product categories and comprehensive, support small batch multi-batch purchase, fast delivery cycle, within 3 days to provide customers with tailored solutions.
Professional Shipment Team
Encountering technical problems, our advisory team will listen to and solve, to provide customers with perfect technical support to the interests of customers as our interests.
Completed After sales Service

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Founded in 2008, Typu specializes in the production of Pharmaceutical Intermediates, APIs, fungicides and daily chemicals.Typu also supplies its customers with a wide range of industrial chemicals.After 10 years of development, Typo has grown into a diversified development company with interests in not only chemicals, but also real estate, apparel, agricultural products, etc.We can provide OEM service according to customer demand.If you have a good plan for a new product, but lack laboratory equipment and human resources, we are happy to solve this problem for you.

My company's operating basis is honest, trustworthy, and constantly beyond, to achieve win-win.


In the late 1990 s outstanding pharmaceutical intermediates industry has been basically mature, the competition between enterprises has reached a climax in the last ounce of power, who can hold out un


Pharmaceutical intermediates industry in recent years the rapid development of the cause of many investors drooling all over the country to produce pharmaceutical intermediates bulk drug companies hav

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